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Our Equipment & Software

Credit Card Terminals 

Take charge with one of the Elavon Networks preferred credit card processing terminals. At Grant Merchant Services, we’ve found the Ingenico line of terminals perform best under various conditions. We can gladly look at another manufacturer if you prefer.


If your current machine isn’t listed, we may still be able to help reprogram it saving you the cost of a new machine.

Online Credit Card Processing Software Solutions

Grant Merchant Services and Elavon offer a variety of proprietary Credit Card Processing Software and Internet products that can turn your desktop PC into a Point of Sale credit card processing solution. From the single location merchant to a large multi-location chain, we have a product to help you take that charge.

Converge Hosted Payment Solution (WatchThe Demo Now)

Smartphone Technology

GMS has a robust solution that can sync up to your Apple or Android device and have you processing payments remotely in no time. Whether you need 1 or 100 mobile units, we can help you deploy your solution and easily keep track of every payment by phone or tablet.

Point of Sale Devices

GMS has products that are in-house and through partnerships with various POS systems that can help you run your business. Through these different solutions we can help restaurant and retail businesses meet their goals and provide the reporting you need. We may also be able to connect to your existing POS through various gateways reducing any time needed to retrain your staff.

SmartPayments Plug-in for QuickBooks 


Gateway Services –

We can also work with a variety of other online gateways and vendors.