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Are you getting the best rate? We'll let you know and it's free!

Grant Merchant Services Helps Businesses Succeed.

We measure success by helping you find the easiest, most cost-effective solution to your merchant processing needs. As a  provider of Elavon Information Systems, Grant Merchant Services enables you to access all of your transaction options and process on the #1 rated network by MasterCard for reliability and availability.

Whether you’re processing for the first time or transitioning from another provider our seamless and easy integration process will have you working faster in no time.

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Are you getting a good rate?

Many business owners can be lured in with a “cheaper rate.” But did you know that there are 6 different rate tiers you can get charged? These charges range from Debit/Checkcard, Qualified, Rewards,  Mid-qualified, Corporate and Non-qualified. There are also two other pricing models: Interchange plus and differential. We’ll help navigate this pricing jungle to get you the best rate for you company.

We don’t hide behind confusing numbers and double talk. We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with the answers to these questions and guidance that will drive maximum profitability. We don’t surprise our clients by promising things we can’t deliver and with fees or rates that seem too good to be true. We’ll provide you with an apples to apples comparison based on your current processing fees.


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